I’m a professional pilot since 25 years, instructor, and most of all aviation enthusiast. I do believe that experience can’t only be instilled in new generation’s pilots through training but must achieved referring to other’s errors.

Also aviation industry knows that any well known mistake can’t be occur twice. This is why the quality system is so important in any Airline, to evaluate that all the process are fulfilled as meant. But if an incident or an accident occurs, accident reports must be written with competence , in a simple way and quickly , so that all the players can modify their process and course of actions.

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It’s a shame that a preliminary report such as the one of AirAsia Flight 8501 (QZ8501 – AWQ8501) is released confidentially only to Manufacturer and to the Company. In a world of FDM (Flight Data Monitoring), where any pilot action is monitored almost in realtime, there can’t be confidentiality in a flight safety related report.

Management, training, manufacturers, ATC, ground staff : anyone  can improve reading an Accident Report.

Also in a global environment, in which pilots are flying thousands of miles away from their home countries, and where english is necessarily the common language, still many National Transportation Safety Committee write these reports in languages other than English (ICAO Annex 13 to the Convention to the Civil Aviation, states that “Whenever practicable, the Final Report sent to ICAO is to be prepared in one of the working languages of the Organization” which are English, Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish). This is why, whenever possible, I try to translate into english the most important accident reports that are not available in english.

Hope you will enjoy this website, keep updated and please feel free to give me a feedback on what could be improved.

Learn more, fly safe.

What is Aviation Accidents Database ?
Aviation Accidents Database is the key point to download official reports and investigations of incidents and accidents.

Many times it’s not easy to find the official reports online: either because the State Agency investigating the occurrence have no website, or the report is not published or it’s an old report not made in digital format.

We continuously search for reports, classify them, write the excerpt and make them available to all pilots and aviation enthusiasts worldwide: for the sake of aviation safety.

Since official Safety Reports are not always written in English language (this is permitted by ICAO), we also provide sometimes unofficial translations: you may like to read more here.

As simple as that.