American Airlines – Mcdonnel Douglas – MD83 (N-566AA) flight AA1572

American Airlines - Mcdonnel Douglas - MD83 (N-566AA) flight AA1572
American Airlines – Mcdonnel Douglas – MD83 (N-566AA) flight AA1572

American Airlines flight AA1572 : on November 12, 1995, at 0055 eastern standard time a McDonnell Douglas MD-83, N566AA, owned by American Airlines and operated as flight AA1572, was substantially damaged when it impacted trees in East Granby, Connecticut, while on approach to runway 15 at Bradley International Airport (BDL), Windsor Locks, Connecticut.

The airplane also impacted an instrument landing system antenna as it landed short of the runway on grassy, even terrain.

Flight 1572 was being conducted under Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations, Part 121, as a scheduled passenger flight from Chicago, Illinois, to Bradley International Airport.

The excellent crew resource management and flight skills that the flight crew of American Airlines flight AA1572 used, as reflected on the CVR recording following their encounter with the trees, were directly responsible for limiting the number of injured passengers to one individual.

The National Transportation Safety Board determines that the probable cause of this accident was the flightcrew’s failure to maintain the required minimum descent altitude (MDA) until the required visual references identifiable with the runway were in sight.

Contributing factors were the failure of the BDL approach controller to furnish the flightcrew with a current altimeter setting, and the flightcrew’s failure to ask for a more current setting.


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accident date: 12/11/1995
model: MD-83
registration: N-566AA
msn: 49348
location: Granby, Connecticut, USA
flight number: AA1572

Category: Aviation Accident


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