Aer Arann - ATR - ATR72-212 (EI-SLM) flight EI3601

Aer Arann – ATR – ATR72-212 (EI-SLM) flight EI3601

Are Arann flight EI3601 commenced operations in EINN that morning, departing at 05.52 hrs and arriving at EGCC at 07.13 hrs.

During the turnaround, fuel was uplifted and 21 passengers boarded. Using the call sign Air Arann flight EI3601 the scheduled passenger service departed EGCC at 07.47 hrs for EINN (Shannon) with an estimated flight time of one hour and nine minutes.

En-route operations were normal and, in consultation with ATC, the aircraft descended and was cleared to self-position to DERAG2 for an Instrument Landing System (ILS) approach to RWY 24.

At 09.08 hrs the aircraft commenced an approach to RWY 24 in strong and gusty crosswind conditions. Following a turbulent approach difficulty was experienced in landing the aircraft, which contacted the runway in a nose-down attitude and bounced.

A go-around was performed and the aircraft was vectored for a second approach. During this second approach landing turbulence was again experienced.

Following bounces the aircraft pitched nose down and contacted the runway heavily in a nose down attitude.

Meteorological condition when landing runway 24 was “wind velocity was 300°/24 kts gusting 32 minimum 14… occasional moderate turbulence observed and forecast in touch-down zone RWY 24”.

The nose gear collapsed and the aircraft nose descended onto the runway. The aircraft sustained damage with directional control being lost. The aircraft came to rest at the junction of the runway and a taxiway.

Following engine shutdown the forward Cabin Crew Member (CCM) advised the cockpit that there was no smoke and that the doors could be opened following which, an evacuation was commenced.

Airport fire crews arrived on scene promptly and assisted passengers disembarking the aircraft. There were no injuries.

The Commander of Aer Arann flight EI3601, who had been recently promoted, was 29 years old : she had a total all types 2882 hrs which 212 hrs were as P1.

Probable Cause

  • Excessive approach speed and inadequate control of aircraft pitch during a crosswind landing in very blustery conditions.

Contributory Factors

  • Confusing wording in the FCOM that led the crew to compute an excessive wind factor in the determination of Vapp.
  • Incorrect power handling technique while landing.
  • Inexperience of the pilot in command.
  • Inadequate information provided to flight crew regarding crosswind landing techniques.


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accident date: 17/07/2011
operator: AER ARANN
make: ATR
model: ATR72-212
registration: EI-SLM
msn: 413
location: Shannon airport, Ireland
flight number: EI-3601

Category: Aviation Accident


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  1. and not a mention of the effects on crosswinds of the huge hanger beside the touchdown spot of runway 24 at SNN

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