Aeroflot Superjet 100 (RA-89098) flight SU1492

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Update of Aeroflot superjet 100 flight SU1492 : a preliminary report has been issued today , June 16th 2019 by the Interstate Aviation Committee.

According to the preliminary report, the following facts have been proven:

  • airplane hit by lightning during climb out
  • initial radio failure
  • “direct mode” until the end of the flight
  • overweight landing
  • “GO-AROUND WINDSHEAR” warning ignored
  • “G/S” warning ignored
  • bounced landing
  • go-around apparently attempted during third touchdown

First touchdown 2.55 g force
Second touchdown 5.85 g force, contact with nose gear first
Third touchdown >5.00 g force

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A Superjet 100 airplane, operated by Aeroflot as Aeroflot Superjet 100 flight SU1492 took off from Moscow Sheremetyevo airport (SVO/UUEE) runway 24C on May 05 2019 at time 18:04L (15:04Z) .

The Aeroflot Superjet 100 flight SU1492 landing, taken from airport terminal

The crew stopped the climb at about FL100 and declared initially loss of radio communication.

Aeroflot Superjet 100 flight SU1492 bouncing on the runway

Later the crew declared emergency via transponder codes and returned to Sheremetyevo for an emergency landing.

The Aeroflot Superjet 100 flight SU1492 evacuation

According to radar tracks , the first approach was discontinued, the airplane made a 360° and approached Sheremetyevo runway for landing on Runway 24C

Aeroflot Superjet 100 flight SU1492
Aeroflot Superjet 100 flight SU1492 radar track

Weather at time of landing was not a factor for the landing, although not confirmed info says that a lightning strike might be involved in the accident :

UUEE 051530Z 17007MPS 9999 SCT060CB 17/11 Q1012 R24L/290045 R24C/290045 NOSIG

According to CCTV cameras, the airplane bounced on the runway during landing and when it hit the runway again, caught fire.

During the deceleration, Aeroflot Superjet 100 flight SU1492 burst into flames , it made a 180° and stopped his landing roll out of the runway , on an intersection.

Evacuation : passengers escaping from Aeroflot Superjet 100 flight SU1492

The airplane veered to the left off the runway and came to a stop on the grass adjacent to the runway, after making a 180°.

While the aircraft burned down, an evacuation started from the L1 and R1 doors via emergency slides.

Although the post accident rescue is still ongoing , 41 people are confirmed dead, including 2 children : it is not known at the moment how many passengers vs crew died in the accident.

Aeroflot Superjet 100 flight SU1492---
Wreckage of Aeroflot Superjet 100 flight SU1492—

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Aeroflot Superjet 100 (RA-89098) flight SU1492

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Event date: 20190505
Airline / Operator:Aeroflot
Model: Superjet 100-95B
Make: Superjet
Registration: RA-89098
msn: 95135
Location: Moscow, Russia

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