Air China – Boeing B737-300 (B2906) flight CA161

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Air China flight CA161

Interior of Air China flight CA161

On February 10 (Sunday) 2008, a Boeing 737-300, registered B2906, operated by Air China flight CA161, took off from Beijing Capital International Airport (People’s Republic of China) bound for Kansai International Airport (Japan) on a scheduled Flight CA161 of the company.

At about 19:19 JST (Japan Standard Time, unless otherwise stated all times are indicated in JST, UTC+9h), while flying at an altitude of about 31,400 ft above Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture, the aircraft was shaken, and a passenger who was walking in the aisle in the aft cabin section was seriously injured.

There were 73 people on board Air China flight CA161 , consisting of the PIC, 10 other crew members, and 62 passengers.

The Boeing B737 of Air China flight CA161 was not damaged.

It is considered highly probable that the accident occurred as follows:

While the Aircraft was making its landing descent in an area involving vertical wind shear, Air China flight CA161 was shaken due to the partially excessive control inputs executed by the Second PIC that followed the disengagement of the A/P.

Therefore, the passenger who was walking in the aisle at that time lost her balance and strongly hit her abdomen against an object, resulting in a serious injury.


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Air China – Boeing B737-300 (B2906) flight CA161

Event date: 20080210
Airline / Operator:AIR CHINA
Model: B737-300
Registration: B2906
msn: 25507
Location: Matsue,Japan

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