Gulf Air – Airbus – A320 (A9C-AG) flight GF270

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Gulf Air - Airbus - A320 (A9C-AG) flight GF270

Gulf Air – Airbus – A320 (A9C-AG) flight GF270

Gulf Air flight GF270 : On 29th August 2011, Gulf Air Flight GF270 experienced a Runway Excursion whilst landing at Cochin Airport (VOCI/COK), at 22:24 UTC
GF270 was a scheduled passenger flight operating the Bahrain-Cochin sector with a total of 143 personnel plus 1 infant (including 2 Cockpit and 4 Cabin Crew).

During landing the Aircraft touched down towards the right edge of Runway 27 and went on the soft shoulder.
The aircraft covered a distance of 1235 mtrs. from the threshold before coming to a halt. All passengers were evacuated safely and there were no injuries. Fire did not occur.

Aircraft , an Airbus A320-214 msn 4188 registration A9C-AG , was operated by Gulf Air for a scheduled passenger flight GFA270 ; nose landing gear (NLG) collapse at about 22:25 UTC in CIA,Cochin,India.

Meteorological condition at landing :

22:30 040/10KT 4000M MOD DZ SCT008 SCT015 OVC080 26 1007 TEMPO VIS 2000M RA

Till touch down PM (Pilot Monitoring) of Gulf Air GF270 kept calling “Continue, Localizer Nice, Profile Nice and Continue.” After touch down he kept repeating “Maintain Centre Line.”

The Runway Excursion was caused due to an error of judgment of the PIC during which was due to loss of situational awareness during reduced visibility conditions.


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Gulf Air – Airbus – A320 (A9C-AG) flight GF270

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Event date: 20110829
Airline / Operator:GULF AIR
Model: A320
Registration: A9C-AG
msn: 4188
Location: Cochin, India

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