Jazz Aviation – Bombardier DHC-8-402 (C-GGBF) flight JZA8481

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The Jazz Aviation flight JZA8481 (doing business as Air Canada Express) Bombardier DHC-8-402, registration C-GGBF, serial number 4433, departed from Calgary International Airport (CYYC) with an intended destination of Grande Prairie, Alberta.

Jazz Aviation flight JZA8481

Jazz Aviation flight JZA8481 : location of the injured passengers.

During the takeoff roll, the number 3 tire of the main landing gear failed. Jazz Aviation flight JZA8481 was diverted to Edmonton International Airport (CYEG); aircraft rescue and firefighting equipment was standing by for the landing on Runway 02.

On touchdown at 2030 Mountain Standard Time, the right main landing gear collapsed. Upon contact with the ground, all of the right-side propeller blades were sheared, and 1 blade penetrated the cabin wall.

The Jazz Aviation flight JZA8481 came to a stop off the right (east) edge of the runway surface.

Passengers and crew of Jazz Aviation flight JZA8481 evacuated using all 4 exits. Three passengers sustained minor injuries.

There was no post accident fire. The accident occurred during the hours of darkness.

  • The number 3 tire ruptured on takeoff, most likely as a result of impact with a hard object.
  • During landing, the failed number 3 tire was spun by contact with the ground and was maintained at a rotational speed that was the same as or very close to one of the natural frequencies of the main landing gear. This caused the lock links to trigger the proximity sensor electronic unit to de-energize the solenoid sequence valve, thereby relieving system pressure from the extend port of the unlock actuator
  • The excessive vibration caused the lock links to overcome the force from the downlock springs and unlock the stabilizer brace as a result of gear dynamics, which led to collapse of the right main landing gear.


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Jazz Aviation – Bombardier DHC-8-402 (C-GGBF) flight JZA8481

Event date: 20141106
Airline / Operator:JAZZ AVIATION
Model: DHC-8-402
Registration: C-GGBF
msn: 4433
Location: Alberta,Canada

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