Mahan Air – Boeing B747-300 (EP-MNE) flight IRM1095

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On 15 Oct 2015, a Boeing 747-300, registered EP-MNE was operating Mahan Air flight IRM1095 from Mehrabad International Airport to Bandar Abbas airport within IR of IRAN territory.

Mahan Air flight IRM1095 was carrying 19 flight crew and 422 passengers.

The aircraft upon departure from Tehran at (03:46UTC) and climbing to 7500ft experience engine failure.

The evidences denotes that few seconds after aircraft departure the engine no. 3 failed .

The aircraft Engine #3 was damaged (due to uncontained engine failure), and some parts of the engine rear components detached and hit the engine #4 , as well as the aircraft structure.

Mahan Air flight IRM1095 hydraulic systems no. 1, 3 and 4 failed due to impact of detached engine #3 parts.

The pilot tried to take control of aircraft despite engine vibrations and made emergency landing at Tehran at (04:23UTC).

Mahan Air flight IRM1095

Mahan Air flight IRM1095

The aircraft was substantially damaged and it was found out of Structural Repair Manual (SRM).

The ENG.3 “REAR, LOW PRESSURE TURBINE” was completely detached.

Some parts of ENG#3 detached hitting ENG#4 cowling and damaged it.

Also FOD signs were found on Fan Blades of Engine #4.

Some of ENG #3 detached parts hit the aircraft fuselage and caused some significant damages on low R/H wing surface and related fuel tanks, cutting Hydraulic lines.

Also some parts of landing gear doors were damaged.

The Aircraft Accident Investigation Board determined that the probable cause of this accident was the operator’s fault to modify the ENG# 3 with AD requirement, and N1 Vibration which caused uncontained engine failure.

Contributing factors were :

  • In sufficient operator maintenance & engineering performance
  • Lack of effective monitoring in operators line maintenance
  • Lack of support for engine parts and mandatory information from the manufacturer
  • Lack of effective monitoring in Mahan Air concerning operation, training and technical divisions
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Mahan Air – Boeing B747-300 (EP-MNE) flight IRM1095

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Event date: 20151015
Airline / Operator:Mahan Air
Model: B747-300
Make: Boeing
Registration: EP-MNE
msn: 23480
Location: Mehrabad

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