Myanmar Airways – Xian Aircrafts – MA-60 (XY-AIQ)

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Myanmar Airways - Xian Aircrafts - MA-60 (XY-AIQ)

main door – Myanmar Airways – Xian Aircrafts – MA-60 (XY-AIQ)

Myanmar Airways Xian Aircraft MA-60 registered XY- AIQ (MSN-0808) , departed on 16 May 2013 at 08:00 local Time, from Yangon International Airport (VYYY) to Monghsat Airport.

For this flight captain assigned FO to line training (Command) pilot and aircraft landed to Monghsat at about 09:25 local time.

After passengers disembarked and boarded, aircraft departed to Heho at 09:55 local time and landed at about 10:40 local time.

Aircraft was refueled at Heho and departed to Monghsat at 11:10 local time with 4 crews and 51 passengers.

First officer was designated as the Pilot flying for this flight.

Captain contacted to Monghsat ATC weather information, and aircraft climbed to 15000-ft with indicated airspeed 200 knots. Where reaching 40 Miles to Monghsat airfield, Captain request descent clearance and descent to 8000 ft.

After passing transition level 125 Monghsat airfield, QNH setting and performed approach check.

During approach to Monghsat airfield, weather was fine and visibility was 4-5 Miles (8- km).

When reaching 3 Miles distance to runway 12, approach speed was 120 knots IAS.

At about 11:47:59 local time, aircraft first touchdown to runway 12 with IAS 114 knots, vertical speed -288, flap 30 degree.

During landing roll, aircraft overrun to runway 30. At about (11:48:33) local time, aircraft struck to tree stump with IAS 40 knots and passing across to water drainage (gutter) located 110 meters from runway 30. After striking, aircraft turned to left 80 degree and came to rest. Cabin crews performed emergency evacuation, one passenger suffered serious injury, other one suffered minor injury and 53 of the occupants were survived.

There are no indications of flight control, hydraulic system and engines problems, potential for pilot incapacitation and a fire on board aircraft before the accident.

During landing roll FO retracted PLA to GI position, its remain above Ground Idle position (36.8/ 36.6) degree.

After (18) seconds flap position changed to retract and both engines torque start to increase.

Aircraft IAS unable to rapid decelerate during crews applied braking.

Both crews did not initiated power lever reversing position.

Crews need multi-crew operation.


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Myanmar Airways – Xian Aircrafts – MA-60 (XY-AIQ)

Event date: 20130516
Airline / Operator:MYANMAR AIRWAYS
Model: MA-60
Registration: XY-AIQ
msn: 808
Location: Monghsat airport, Myanmar

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