Virgin Atlantic – Airbus – A330-343 (G-VSXY) flight VS27

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Virgin Atlantic flight VS27 was operating a flight from London Gatwick Airport to McCoy International Airport in Orlando, USA with three flight crew, 10 cabin crew and 304 passengers on board including three infants. Early in the flight the crew received a series of smoke warnings from the aft cargo hold and the commander elected to return to London Gatwick.

the commander of Virgin Atlantic flight VS27 decided that the safest course of action was to evacuate the passengers

The crew carried out the appropriate emergency drills, including the discharge of the fire extinguishers in the aft cargo hold, but the smoke warnings continued. The aircraft landed safely, the crew brought it to a halt on the runway and endeavoured to establish the extent of any fire.

Virgin Atlantic - Airbus - A330-343 (G-VSXY) flight VS27

Passengers sliding out of Virgin Atlantic A330-343 (G-VSXY) flight VS27

This produced conflicting evidence and, with smoke warnings continuing, the commander ordered an emergency evacuation.

The passengers all left the aircraft within 90 seconds but two injuries, classed as ‘Serious’, were incurred. Subsequent examination of the aircraft and its systems showed that the smoke warnings had been spurious.

The investigation identified that injuries were sustained during the evacuation of the aircraft.

The evacuation was initiated based on the commander’s assessment of the available sources of information, including the repetitive and intermittent nature of the aft cargo smoke warnings.

The investigation identified the following causal factor for the intermittent cargo smoke warnings:

  • A latent fault on the T1 thermistor channel of smoke detector 10WH, in combination with a CAN Bus fault and possible high levels of humidity in the cargo compartment due to the carriage of perishable goods, provided circumstances sufficient to generate multiple spurious aft cargo compartment smoke warnings.

The investigation identified the following contributory factors for the intermittent cargo smoke warnings:

  • The thermal channel fault in 10WH was not detected prior to the event by the internal smoke detector temperature monitoring.
  • The proximity of the fire extinguisher nozzles to the smoke detectors.


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Virgin Atlantic – Airbus – A330-343 (G-VSXY) flight VS27

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Event date: 20120416
Airline / Operator:VIRGIN ATLANTIC
Model: A330-343
Registration: G-VSXY
msn: 1195
Location: London Gatwick, England

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