ASL Hungary – Boeing B737-400 (HA-FAX) flight FAH7332

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ASL Hungary flight FAH7332 was a scheduled cargo flight from in Paris Charles de Gaulle airport (LFPG) to Bergamo Orio al Serio (LIME) and operated on behalf of DHL.


ASL Hungary flight FAH7332 departed at 00.54’ UTC for a 73 minutes flight to Bergamo Orio al Serio (LIME), where the crew was instructed by ATC to perform an ILS9 approach RWY 28.

Once the crew reported fully established on ILS, TWR cleared the aircraft to land for RWY 28, providing latest weather information and runway condition wet. Last TWR communication reported wind 310 degrees 15 knots.

LIME 050150Z 26011G23KT 220V310 9999 VCTS FEW040CB BKN080 23/16 Q1010

ASL Hungary flight FAH7332 touched down at approximately 2000 meters from the threshold RWY 28

During deceleration broke through the localizer antennas and the airport fence.

ASL Hungary flight FAH7332
ASL Hungary flight FAH7332

The landing gear and both engines separated from the main body and the aircraft came to a complete rest at about 520 meters beyond the runway end. The crew deployed the emergency slide and evacuated the aircraft using the right front door.

They were assisted by the medical team and carried to the hospital for further treatment. Firefighting rescue team reached the accident site within three minutes from the emergency call.

The preliminary analysis of DFDR highlighted that over the threshold RWY 28 the aircraft was at 140 feet AGL and 156 knots.

During flare, the aircraft floated for approximately 14 seconds between 30 feet and 20 feet, maintaining a constant airspeed close to 155 knots before touching down. The approximately 750 meters of the remaining runway did not allow to stop the aircraft, which trespassed the airport fence at approximately 109 knots.

The DFDR last recorded speed was 91 knots.

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ASL Hungary – Boeing B737-400 (HA-FAX) flight FAH7332

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Event date: 20160805
Airline / Operator:ASL Hungary
Model: B737-400
Make: Boeing
Registration: HA-FAX
msn: 24437
Location: Bergamo, Italy

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