Austrian Airlines – Boeing B777-200 (OE-LPC)

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On 17 January 2006 at 2315 hours local time, an Austrian Airlines Boeing 777-200 landed at Singapore Changi Airport from Melbourne, Australia. While parking at gate F58 , Austrian Airlines Boeing B777 OE-LPC taxied beyond the designated stop line and its left hand engine cowling collided with the aerobridge.

Austrian Airlines - Boeing B777-200 (OE-LPC)

Austrian Airlines – Boeing B777-200 (OE-LPC)

The aerobridge’s automatic level sensor and the aircraft’s left hand engine cowling were damaged as a result.

Just prior to the amber indication on the ADGS the PF of Austrian Airlines Boeing B777 OE-LPC started commenting to the PNF that something was incorrect and that he was not happy with the indications.

  • Austrian Airlines Boeing B777 OE-LPC was not travelling at excessive speed during the taxi into the parking bay.
  • The PF did not stop the aircraft before it made contact with the aerobridge as he was following the indications provided by the Aircraft Docking and Guidance System (ADGS).
  • The ADGS light indications described by the crew of Austrian Airlines Boeing B777 OE-LPC could not be replicated and a check of the ADGS shortly after the incident showed no anomalies.
  • The flight crew were not provided with the ADGS charts onboard the aircraft which would have provided useful information on the different types of ADGS.
  • The placement of the control panel of the ADGS at bays in Terminal 2 was not conducive to the ADGS operator’s monitoring of aircraft’s docking.

Safety Recommendations :

  • The operator should provide charts to its flight crew that contain information on the ADGS systems used at the airports they operate into.
  • The operator should compile and maintain the necessary FDR documentation for parameter allocation and conversion for their fleet of aircraft so that the information can be provided to investigation authorities quickly when needed.


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Austrian Airlines – Boeing B777-200 (OE-LPC)

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Event date: 20060117
Airline / Operator:Austrian Airlines
Model: B777-200
Make: Boeing
Registration: OE-LPC
msn: 29313
Location: Singapore Changi Airport

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