Egyptair – Airbus A320-232 (SU-GCC) flight MS804

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A line flight from Charled De Gaulle Paris airport (CDG) and Cairo international airport has been reported missing this early morning on the Mediterranean sea, next to waypoint KUMBI.

Egyptair flight MS804 tweet - Airbus A320-232 (SU-GCC)

Egyptair flight MS804 tweet – Airbus A320-232 (SU-GCC)

The flight was an Egyptair flight MS804 from Paris to Cairo that disappeared from radar with 66 people on board , operated with an Airbus A320-232 (registration SU-GCC).

  • the airplane was about to be hand-over by the Greek controllers to the Egyptian one : when the Greek tried to reach the Egyptair flight MS804 when it crossed through Greek airspace but got no response.
  • No kind of emergency has been declared by the crew.
  • The Egyptair flight MS804 seems to swerved sharply then plunged from 37,000 feet into the Mediterranean, Greece sources says.
  • A distress signal was detected in the vicinity of the area where the flight disappeared from radar 2 hours later
  • No cause can be told now, but behind the disappearance is more likely terrorism than a technical issue, Egypt’s civil aviation minister says.
  • years ago, Egyptair flight MS990 , a Boeing B767 crashed off the US costs and the investigation blamed a suicide of the first officer : the Egyptian Aviation authority never agreed with this conclusion.

The very last recordings coming from the Transponder of Egyptair flight MS804 is this one :

  • Timestamp : 05-19-2016 00:29
  • Callsign : MSR804
  • Position : 33.6757,29 N – 28.79242 E
  • Altitude : 36975 ft
  • Speed : 534 Kts
  • Direction : 136°

and the full file can be downloaded here  : egyptair-airbus-a320-232-su-gcc-flight-su804 .


Egyptair – Airbus A320-232 (SU-GCC) flight MS804

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Event date: 20160519
Airline / Operator:Egyptair
Model: A320-232
Make: Airbus
Registration: SU-GCC
msn: 2088
Location: near waypoint KUMBI

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  1. Locke

    Why does Egypt never release aviation accident reports?

    I get serious “don’t hear it, don’t see it, don’t hear it” vibes from Egypt’s aviation investigation branch.

    • Colin McLaughlin

      Egypt has repeatedly said to France’s Bureau d’Enquêtes et d’Analyses pour la Sécurité de l’Aviation Civile/Bureau of Enquiry and Analysis for Civil Aviation Safety (BEA) that MS804 was brought down by bomb or another form of terrorism. When investigators listened to the CVR of SU-GCC, a sound similar to whispering was picked up. It was later revealed that the sound was actually oxygen leaking from the FO’s emergency oxygen mask. The CVR also picked up the crew exclaiming “There’s a fire!” This wasindeed confirmed from ACARS messages sent by SU-GCC about a fire aboard: 00:26Z 2600 SMOKE LAVATORY SMOKE
      00:27Z 2600 AVIONICS SMOKE. Recently, an Italian newspaper reported that according to an anonymous source, Captain Mohammed Shoukair lit up a cigarette causing the fire.


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