Garuda Indonesia – Boeing – B737-300 (PK-GGO) flight GA292

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On 22 July 2011, a Boeing 737-300 aircraft registered PK-GGO was being operated by Garuda Indonesia flight GA292 , from Soekarno – Hatta International Airport (WIII) Jakarta to Abdul Rahman Saleh Airport (WARA) Malang.

The flight crew member was three pilots which consist of Pilot in Command (PIC) acted as Pilot Monitoring (PM), First Officer (FO) who was under a line training acted as Pilot Flying (PF), Second in Command (SIC) a qualified FO acted as a third pilot occupied the pilot jump seat and 5 Flight Attendants (FA).

Garuda Indonesia flight GA292 departed from Jakarta at 0546 UTC and carried 100 passengers. During the flight there were no abnormal condition related to aircraft system or other significant information was reported. The ATC instructed Garuda Indonesia flight GA292 to commence the VOR approach Runway 35 and circling Runway 17.

The pilots were able to see the runway at approximate 4 DME and continued the circling procedure by joined circuit pattern of runway 17.

When Garuda Indonesia flight GA292 turned on the base leg runway 17, the PM saw and assessed that the aircraft was above the normal glide path, turned too early and the aircraft was on the right of the centerline.

Realizing to the conditions, the PM decided to take over the control and continued the approach to land.

Garuda Indonesia flight GA292 - Boeing - B737-300 (PK-GGO)

nose landing gear of Garuda Indonesia flight GA292 – Boeing – B737-300 (PK-GGO)



The PIC tried to correct the glide path by increasing the rate of descend (ROD), reducing the power and rolled to bring the aircraft aligned with the runway centerline.

At 0709 UTC, the aircraft touched down on runway 17 and was slightly deviated to the right of the runway centerline and stopped on the runway.

The ATC instructed the pilot to stop the aircraft and verified of a probability of a hard landing which was confirmed by the pilot. The FDR recorded vertical acceleration of 3.473 G.

There were no one injured in this occurrence.

  • The aircraft was airworthy and there was no system malfunction reported prior to the serious incident.
  • All three pilots have valid license and medical certificates.
  • The aircraft was within the correct weight and balance limitation.
  • The flight conducted VOR/DME approach runway 35 and circle to land to runway 17 procedures due to the wind condition.
  • The pilot was able to see the runway at about 4 DME then continued following the circling procedure in VMC.
  • While turning on the base leg runway 17, was turned too early, higher than normal glide and on the right of the centerline which might not be able to be handled by the SIC and took over the control
  • The PIC tried to correct glide path by increase rate of descend and reduced the thrust levers simultaneously the PIC rolled to align with runway centerline.
  • The FDR data recorded that aircraft heading were changed from 140° to 174°, and the roll angle varied from 9° to 21° which were indication that the aircraft was on un-stabilized approach.
  • There was no call out from any other crew member to remind the unstabilized condition.
  • The aircraft touched down with vertical acceleration of 3.473 G then bounced. The aircraft veered off to the right of runway centerline.
  • The runway inspection found some broken parts of nose wheel hub.

Contributing Factor :

During the circle to land approach, Garuda Indonesia flight GA292 was turned too early that might cause the aircraft higher above the normal approach path and not on the correct track and was taken over by the PIC. The approach was un-stabilized until below 300 feet and the absent of reminder from the other crew to go-around.

These actions inconsistent to the operator standard operating procedures as well as the CRM philosophy.


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Garuda Indonesia – Boeing – B737-300 (PK-GGO) flight GA292

Event date: 20110722
Airline / Operator:GARUDA INDONESIA
Model: B737-300
Registration: PK-GGO
msn: 28736
Location: Abdul Rahman Saleh airport, Malang, Indonesia

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