Iran Air – Fokker – F100 (EP-IDB) flight IRA235

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Iran Air flight IRA235 : on 02 Jan 2008, at 07:32 local time ,The Aircraft F.100, registered EP-IDB, operated by Iran Air flight No;IRA235 took off from runway 29L of Mehrabad Airport (OIII) /Teheran destination to Shiraz (OISS) city in the Islamic Republic of Iran . It was a regularly scheduled passenger transport flight. The aircraft started to roll to left wing down shortly after lift off. The left wingtip touched the ground.

Iran Air - Fokker - F100 (EP-IDB) flight IRA235

Iran Air – Fokker – F100 (EP-IDB) flight IRA235

Thereafter the aircraft rolled momentarily back to a more neutral position. A few seconds later, while losing altitude, the second left wing down roll started. The left wing touched the ground and when the aircraft rolled back to a more neutral attitude both main landing gears touched the ground.

All gears broke off and the aircraft sled on the area next to the runway. Reportedly, during the impact or shortly thereafter all electrical powers were lost.
When the aircraft came to rest, the fire developed starting from the left wing root towards the fuselage. All passengers and crew were evacuated through the two right over wing emergency exits.

This is what happened :

  • The flight crew was licensed and qualified for the flight.
  • Both aircraft engines worked normally.
  • The aircraft was maintained in accordance with regulations issued by aircraft manufacturer.
  • Decision making of crew about aircraft de-icing was not correct.
  • Task sharing during take off was in accordance with aircraft manuals.
  • The engine fire warning was come out during the flight.
  • Emergency evacuation good handled by the crew.
  • The cockpit resource management (CRM) of this aircraft was so weak

It is believed that the accident was caused by the crew fault that has not decided to de-ice aircraft, which led to wing contamination and finally aircraft has stalled during take off.

contributing causes:

  • Weak cockpit resource management
  • Weak management for cold Weather operation of Iran Air.


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Iran Air – Fokker – F100 (EP-IDB) flight IRA235

Event date: 20080102
Airline / Operator:IRAN AIR
Model: F100
Registration: EP-IDB
msn: 11299
Location: Teheran, Iran

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