Jet Airways – Boeing B737-800 (VT-JBG) flight 9W2374

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Jet Airways flight 9W2374 was a scheduled flight on December 27th 2016 from Goa, India to Mumbai, operated with a Boeing B737-800 aircraft.

The flight was under the command of an ALTP holder with a CPL holder acting as First Officer. In addition to the cockpit crew, there were 154 passengers on board with five cabin crew manning the cabin.

The schedule departure of the flight was at 2310 UTC. The cockpit crew had reported for duty at 2220 UTC. The pre flight medical of the flight crew was carried out including the breath-analyser test. The test was satisfactory and the breath analysis was negative for alcohol.

The flight crew then proceeded to aircraft after self briefing and collection of the flight documents.
On the aircraft, the Cabin crew was briefed by the flight crew including the information that they will carry out a short taxi.

Flight crew had requested ATC for a pushback clearance at 2322UTC. ATC cleared the flight to line up on Rwy 26 by entering Taxiway N1 and backtracking.

The crew of Jet Airways flight 9W2374 had requested for intersection departure, but intersection departure was not allowed by the ATC.

At 23:22:54 UTC, the starboard engine was started followed by start of port engine at 23:23:54 UTC.
At 2331 UTC, when the aircraft was carrying out taxi, ATC gave departure clearance to the aircraft.
The aircraft was cleared to Mumbai at FL220. §Aircraft thereafter lined up on Rwy 26 after making a 180° turn at the dumbbell.

At 23:32:13 ATC clarified the departure clearance was through airway R461 via waypoint Okila to Mumbai. At 2333 UTC, aircraft was cleared for take-off. The aircraft was configured for a flaps 5 departure. The calculated takeoff speeds for 64.6 tons were V1 as 135, VR as 141 and V2 as 146.

The crew completed the before take-off checklist and at 23:33:04 crew started pushing TLA to increase the thrust. As per the statement of crew, after taking TLA ahead of 40%, PIC pressed TOGA for takeoff.

As soon as TOGA was pressed, the aircraft started drifting towards right. Within 10 to 12 seconds of pressing TOGA, the aircraft went into unpaved surface. As per the crew, they tried to apply brakes, rudder and use NWS to steer the aircraft, but due to heavy bumps could not apply control effectively.

Jet Airways flight 9W2374 went out of control and continued into unpaved surface.

The aircraft stopped at a distance of 219 m from the runway edge and just short of periphery road. During this trail it had hit PAPI lights.

Jet Airways flight 9W2374
Jet Airways flight 9W2374

Engine had hit vertical pillar of 2.3 m height, located at 92.3 m abeam center line of Runway 26. The pillar has also damaged the left bottom portion of the fuselage. As per statement of Cabin Supervisor who was seated at L1 position, cabin crew had observed aircraft drifting to right very vigorously and shaking badly.

Noticing the abnormal situation, cabin crew started shouting brace commands. Cabin supervisor was also informed of smoke like dust in cabin by the cabin crew seated at R1.

Jet Airways flight 9W2374
Jet Airways flight 9W2374

As soon as the aircraft came to stop, Cabin crew in charge of aft galley made an announcement on PA system asking passengers to remain seated.
In the meanwhile at 2235 UTC crew declared MAYDAY. Captain then came on PA and gave EVACUATE command.

All cabin crew checked the external condition and opened the door, inflating the emergency chutes. After ascertaining the external condition, evacuation was initiated. The cabin crew seated at R3 position was instructed by the Aft galley in-charge to rush towards over wing exit.

The cabin crew tried to run to over-wing exits, but due to rush of passengers towards aft doors, she could not go ahead of 38th row. She was then instructed to evacuate from R2 door and assist passengers on ground. At 22:39 UTC crew informed ATC of having evacuated all passengers.

L1, L2, R1 and R2 cabin crew evacuated after evacuating all passengers, taking along the safety and medical kits. Co-pilot and subsequently Captain also evacuated the aircraft. The passengers were taken away from the aircraft by the cabin crew and made to gather close to a nearby post. A few passengers who were going towards tarmac were stopped and also instructed to gather at one place.

Megaphone was used to pass instructions to the passengers. In view of the absence of emergency services, cabin crew assisted the passengers and provided first aid to passengers who had sustained injuries during the evacuation. Emergency services arrived after approximately 20 minutes as per the statement of crew. On arrival of ambulances and buses, headcount was carried out and passengers were moved to terminal building. Total of 16 passengers received injuries during evacuation.

Probable cause of the Accident:

The PIC pressed TOGA when the thrust on no.1 engine was 40% and no.2 engine was 28% in deviation from SOP, which caused the No.1 engine thrust to increase at a faster rate than no.2 resulting in aircraft yawing towards right. In the absence of timely desired corrective actions including reject takeoff, the aircraft veered off the runway and continued to move in a semicircular arc on the undulated ground resulting in substantial damages to the aircraft.

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Jet Airways – Boeing B737-800 (VT-JBG) flight 9W2374

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Event date: 20161227
Airline / Operator:Jet Airways
Model: B737-800
Make: Boeing
Registration: VT-JBG
msn: 35083
Location: Goa, India

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