JET2 Holidays – BOEING – B737-804 (G-GDFJ) flight LS177

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Jet2 Holidays flight LS177 was a Boeing B737-804 (G-GDFJ) : as soon as the aircraft commenced its takeoff roll, both pilots commented on a strange smell. A few seconds later, due to what appeared to be smoke in the cabin, the Cabin
Service Director (CSD) alerted the flight crew to an emergency situation.

JET2 Holidays - BOEING - B737-804 (G-GDFJ) flight LS177

JET2 Holidays flight LS177 – evacuation from overwing of a B737

The takeoff was abandoned and the aircraft stopped on the runway. Visual inspection by the commander confirmed the appearance of a significant amount of smoke in the cabin. He ordered an immediate evacuation, during which one passenger suffered a serious injury.

“For persistent smoke or fire which cannot be confirmed to be completely extinguished, the safest course of action typically requires the earliest possible descent, landing and evacuation.”

No source for the smoke was identified but excessive moisture in the air conditioning system was identified as a possible factor. The operator subsequently amended its maintenance procedures.

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JET2 Holidays – BOEING – B737-804 (G-GDFJ) flight LS177

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Event date: 20121019
Airline / Operator:JET2 HOLIDAYS
Model: B737-804
Registration: G-GDFJ
msn: 28229
Location: Glasgow

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