One Two Go Airlines – McDonnel Douglas DC-9-82 (HS-OMG) flight OG269

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On 16 September 2007, at approximately 14:30 hours, a One Two Go Airlines flight OG269 nationality and registration mark HS-OMG, a McDonnel Douglas DC9 departed from Don Mueang International Airport to Phuket International Airport on a domestic flight OG 269 with 130 crew members-and passengers on board.

At 15:40:10 hours, during conducting a go-around at Phuket International Airport, the One Two Go Airlines flight OG269 veered off and hit an embankment located in the North of Runway 27, broke up in flames, and was completely destroyed.

As a result, 90 people crew members and passengers died, 26 were seriously injured and 14 suffered minor injuries

One Two Go Airlines - McDonnel Douglas DC-9-82 (HS-OMG) flight OG269

One Two Go Airlines – McDonnel Douglas DC-9-82 (HS-OMG) flight OG269

The Aircraft Accident Investigation Committee of Thailand (AAIC) conducted an investigation and notified the International Civil Aviation Organization (lCAO) and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) of the United States of America as the State of airplane and engine Design and Manufacture.

In addition, the United States sent accredited representatives from NTSB and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), as well as advisors from Boeing Commercial Airplanes Company Limited and Pratt & Whitney Company Limited to participate in the investigation.

Moreover, the AAIC notified the representatives of the United Kingdom, Commonwealth of Australia, Japan, France Republic, State of Israel, Northern Ireland, Islamic Republic of Iran, Federal Republic of Germany, and Republic of Indonesia as the States having suffered fatalities or serious injuries to theirs citizens.


The flight crew of One Two Go Airlines flight OG269 did not follow the SOP of Stabilized Approach, Call Out, Go Around, and Emergency Situation as specified in the airlines’ FOM.

  • The Take Off-Go Around (TOGA) switch was not activated, resulting in the inability of the airplane to increase in airspeed and altitude during the go around. Also, there was no monitoring of the change in engine power and movement of throttle levers, especially during the critical situation
  • The flight crew co-ordination was insufficient and the flight crew had heavy workloads.
  • The weather condition changed suddenly over the airport vicinity.
  • The flight crew had accumulated stress, insufficient rest, and fatigue.
  • The transfer of aircraft control took place at a critical moment, during the go around.


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One Two Go Airlines – McDonnel Douglas DC-9-82 (HS-OMG) flight OG269

Event date: 20070916
Airline / Operator:ONE TWO GO AIRLINES
Model: DC-9-82
Registration: HS-OMG
msn: 49183
Location: Phuket International Airport,Thailand

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