RYANAIR – BOEING B737-8AS (EI-DHS) flight RY6876

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On 21 December 2007 the crew of Ryanair flight FR6876 (Boeing 737, registration marks: EI-DHS) was performing a flight from Bergamo (LIME) to Kraków – Balice (EPKK).

Meteorological conditions, according to the report received by the crew prior to the flight, allowed operation of the flight. Upon reaching area of EPKK aerodrome, the weather conditions deteriorated significantly below the minimum for landing. The crew decided to wait in holding pattern, assuming that it would be possible to land at EPKK.

Due to lack of improvement of meteorological conditions, operational services of the operator ordered the Ryanair flight FR6876 crew to divert to Łódź – Lublinek aerodrome (EPLL).

During ILS Cat 1 approach at the decision altitude the crew had no visual contact with the runway and because of this they abandoned approach and decided to fly to Warszawa – Okęcie aerodrome (EPWA).

Flight Management System (FMS) of Ryanair flight FR6876 had calculated that upon reaching EPWA aerodrome the remaining fuel quantity of Ryanair flight FR6876 would amount to 900 kg, which was below the minimum required by the carrier Operational Instruction (1200 kg).

The crew informed the EPWA airport approach control (APP) and declared emergency situation (MAY DAY), due to expected low quantity of fuel.

APP controller of EPWA declared the emergency situation, notified appropriate services and ensured landing priority for Boeing 737 delaying departures of other aircraft.

The crew of Ryanair flight FR6876 landed safely and accompanied by a unit of the airport fire brigade taxied to a parking stand. After termination of taxiing the fuel quantity remaining to be 1400 kg. This was above the minimum permissible quantity specified in the carrier Operational Instruction.

Commission findings

  • Pilots of Ryanair flight FR6876 had the required authorizations to perform the air operations.
  • Pilots, declaring the state of emergency due to low quantity of fuel, acted according to the recommendations of the Ryanair Operational Instruction.
  • Two-way radio communication between the flight crew and air traffic controllers was maintained throughout the flight.
  • The airplane had a valid certificate of airworthiness.
  • The equipment used to secure the flow of air traffic during the event was turned on and functioning.
  • The information on fuel quantity contained in the Flight Plan was incompatible with the information from FMS.
  • Declaration of emergency (May Day) by the crew of RYR 6876 was justified.

Discrepancy between the quantity of fuel recorded in the Ryanair flight FR6876 flight plan and the quantity calculated by FMS, which caused uncertainty of the flight crew as to the quantity of fuel which led to declaration of emergency.


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RYANAIR – BOEING B737-8AS (EI-DHS) flight RY6876

Event date: 20071227
Airline / Operator:RYANAIR
Model: B737-8AS
Registration: EI-DHS
msn: 33580
Location: Warszawa,Poland

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