Sriwijaya Air – Boeing B737-500 (PK-CLJ) flight SJ021

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On 27 March 2013 a Boeing 737-500 aircraft registered PK CLJ operated by PT Sriwijaya Air was scheduled on a passenger services as Sriwijaya Air flight SJ021 from Polonia Airport, Medan to Minangkabau International airport (MKB/WIPT) Padang then to Soekarno-Hatta International airport Jakarta (CGK/WIII).

Prior to leave the hotel at Medan the PIC was explained that he had stomach ache and the crew noticed that the PIC went to the toilet several times during the flight from Medan to Minangkabau.

On arrival from Medan to Padang during taxi to the parking position, witnesses reported that the aircraft taxi speed was faster than other aircraft normally. The FDR recorded that the aircraft taxi speed was 18 knots.

Sriwijaya Air flight SJ021

Sriwijaya Air flight SJ021

While stopping on the parking stand number 4, the aircraft did not stop on the proper position. It was stop around 4 meters further than the marking line with the left wing was near and almost hit the aerobridge. The marshaller informed that he already gave stop signal, however the aircraft kept moving. The aircraft then pushed back to the correct position and disembarking all passengers.

There was no hazard report made by the Sriwijaya air staff or Minangkabau staff in respect of this occurrence.

After the preparation completed, the flight then continued to Soekarno-Hatta Airport. In this flight the PIC was planned to act as Pilot flying and the SIC as Pilot Monitoring.

At 1142 UTC (1842 LT) the pilots received clearance to taxi out and enter back track runway 15. When approaching the threshold runway 15, the pilot turned the aircraft to the left.

Sriwijaya Air flight SJ021 stopped at 1155 UTC on approximate heading of 270° with the nose wheel out of the runway about 4.2 meters and in full deflection to the left.

On the runway was found 22 meters of rubber skid mark of the nose wheel beginning from the center guide until aircraft stopped.

The FDR data revealed that during the initial turn for a line up on the runway 15, the aircraft taxi speed was 21 knots.

There was no discrepancy reported of the aircraft and runway lighting system prior and during the serious incident.

During this serious incident, the weather reported by the local meteorology office was fine with horizontal visibility was 8 km.

The airport rescue and fire fighting arrived few minutes after the occurrence and observed the condition surround the aircraft and also assisted the passenger disembarkation process.

At 1210 UTC all passengers and crew disembarked safely through the aft passenger door

The aircraft evacuated to airport main apron one day after the serious incident at 2100 UTC (0400 LT).

  • The aircraft was airworthy and there was no evidence that the Sriwijaya Air flight SJ021 has any system malfunction prior to this serious incident
  • Both pilots had valid license and medical certificates
  • The aircraft was within the correct weight and balance limitation.
  • The PIC acted as pilot flying.
  • When arriving from Medan, the Sriwijaya Air flight SJ021 entered and taxi on the apron was faster than normally speed and the FDR recorded that the taxi speed was 18kts.
  • The aircraft was not properly stop while parking on spot number 4 and the left wing was close and almost hit the aerobridge.
  • There was no hazard report in respect with this occurrence which shown that the Safety Management System was not well implemented.
  • At the initial turn to line up position on the runway 15 the SIRWIJAYA AIR flight SJ021 taxi speed was 21knots
  • The mark of the nose wheels was approximately 22 meters initiated from the centre of the runway until the aircraft stop was found.
  • There was no any discrepancy reported of the aircraft and runway lighting system prior and during the time of serious incident.
  • The weather reported by the local meteorology office was fine with horizontal visibility was 8 km.
  • The excavated lines of the nose wheels marked on the runway surface showed that the nose wheel was skidding with approximate angle were 70° to the left.
  • The AML (Aircraft Maintenance Log) signed by the PIC after the serious incident showed no discrepancy was reported.
  • The PIC had stomach ache and went to the toilet several times during flight.
  • The PIC has been resigned from the company on 11 April 2013 prior to conduct physiological consultation and drug test which was part of the company corrective action programs.
  • The investigation in respects to the Human Factors aspects for the pilot in command could not be continued.
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Sriwijaya Air – Boeing B737-500 (PK-CLJ) flight SJ021

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Event date: 20130327
Airline / Operator:SRIWIJAYA AIR
Model: B737-500
Registration: PK-CLJ
msn: 27517
Location: West Sumatera,Indonesia

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