TACA International Airlines – Airbus A320-233 (EI-TAF) flight TA390

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TACA flight TA390 ,was operated with an Airbus A320-233 with Irish Registry EI-TAF, with 135 passengers and crew on board, overran at the end of the runway during landing at Tegucigalpa caused the deaths of three people on board and two on the ground.


It is confirmed that the aircraft was dispatched without any deferred MEL item.

Prior to landing, the wind information given by the ATC to the crew was 190°/10kt and ATC also confirmed that the runway was wet.

TACA flight TA390

TACA flight TA390

The Captain was the Pilot Flying (PF). Landing configuration was established with Slats/Flaps fully extended, gear down, ground spoilers armed, autobrake selected to MED.

The aircraft landing weight was 63.5t (max landing weight 64.5t), Vapp 137kt.

TACA flight TA390 was cleared to land on runway 02 and landed with Autopilot and Flight Directors OFF, and autothrust engaged in managed speed mode.

At time of touch down, IAS was 139kt and Ground Speed (GS) was 159kt (estimated tailwind was 12kt from DFDR data analysis).

TACA flight TA390 landed on runway 02 (Runway 02 is 3297 feet high and has a displaced threshold of 213m).

The Landing Distance Available (LDA) for runway 02 is of 1649m.

The touch down occurred at approximately 400m from the runway 02 displaced threshold. Immediately after touch down, the crew selected MAX REV, and both engine reversers and the Ground Spoilers (G/S) deployed normally. The nosewheel touch down occurred 7s after the Main Landing Gear (MLG) following PF inputs.

The crew applied manual braking 4s after MLG touch down and commanded maximum pedal braking in 10s (14s after MLG touch down).

At 70kt Indicated Airspeed Speed (IAS), upon Pilot Non Flying (PNF) call-out, the PF selected IDLE REV.

The remaining distance to the runway end was approximately 190m.

TACA flight TA390 overran the runway at 54kt and dropped down the 20 m embankment sustaining severe damage on impact with the ground.

The landing performance analysis confirms that the landing performances are consistent with runway condition and crew actions.


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TACA International Airlines – Airbus A320-233 (EI-TAF) flight TA390

Event date: 20080530
Airline / Operator:TACA International Airlines
Model: A320-233
Make: Airbus
Registration: EI-TAF
msn: 1374
Location: Tegucigalpa, Honduras

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