China Airlines - Airbus - A310-B4-622R (B-1814) flight CI676

China Airlines – Airbus – A310-B4-622R (B-1814) flight CI676

On 16 February 1998, flight Dynasty 676 from DPS to CKS by Aircraft B1814 of China Airlines, type A300-600R was flying with PIC, F/O , 12 cabin crew and 182 passengers.

This was the first flight the two pilots had flown together. The flight took off from DPS International airport at 15:27L (07:27 UTC). The preflight check report shows no abnormality and take-off conditions revealed no problems.

The flight crew flew from DPS to CKS via route B584 B591, W4. They contacted Taipei control center at 11:23:05 UTC, 10 miles from DRX, FL290, estimating Shi-Kang (TNN) at 11:43:00 UTC. The flight was under radar control and was cleared to descend at aa:45:12 UTC.

The crew contacted approach control at 11:53:56 UTC and was given descent clearance to 7000 ft, QNH 1014 and was told to expect runway 05L. The crew was given radar vectors and at 11:57:43 UTC the approach controller issued an instruction for the crew to descend to 4000 ft. This instruction was not acknowledged by the crew and the controlled did not challenge the crew about lack of response.

At 11 :59:10 UTC the crew reported approaching 7000ft and approach control again issued a clearance to descend to 4000ft. This instruction was acknowledged at 11 :59:23 UTC. The crew was instructed to contact the tower at 12:02:33 UTC, which was acknowledged at 12:02:36 UTC. The crew contacted the tower at 12:02:44 UTC, 9 miles from TIA DME, on final approach. The tower controller informed them of the runway in use, the wind, and cleared them to land: runway 05L, wind 3600 at 5 knots, QNH 1015. At 12:04:20 UTC, the crew reported that the aircraft was at 3 miles on final. At 12:05:38 UTC the crew said: ‘Tower Dynasty 6… ”

This was the last communication from the aircraft. The controller asked: “Dynasty 676 confirm go-around?”
There was no response.

During its go-around, the aircraft stalled and then, at approximately 12:05:58 UTC, impacted highway 15 of Da-Yuan, Tau-Yuan next to runway 05L. The aircraft crushed 5 residences and damaged 3. The 14 crew and 182 passengers, and 6 residents were killed. The aircraft was totally destroyed and the wreckage scattered. Fire-extinguishing and rescue actions were performed immediately.

go around was initiated : during this period, there was a misunderstanding between the pilots concerning the actions to be performed. The landing gear was retracted before the flaps […] the pitch attitude increased […] reached 30 degrees nose-up […] then 43° degrees and 93 knots : the aircraft stalled .

The investigation team recognized that the following combination of factors contributed to the accident:

  • During the entire descent and approach, the aircraft was higher than the normal descent profile and the pilot did not intercept the normal glide path.
  • During the go around phase, the crew coordination between the captain and the F/O was inadequate
  • for 11 seconds during the go around, the crew did not counteract the pitch up tendency which was caused by the increase in thrust. The subsequent reaction of the crew was inadequate. As a consequence the aircraft’s pitch attitude increased until the aircraft stalled.


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accident date: 16/02/1998
make: AIRBUS
model: A310-B4-622R
registration: B-1814
msn: 578
location: Taiwan Taoyuan, Taiwan
flight number: CI 676

Category: Aviation Accident


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