Aerosweet Airlines flight AEW241

Aerosweet Airlines – Yakovlev YAK42 (UR-42334) flight AEW241

Aerosweet Airlines flight AEW241 was a regular scheduled passenger flight from Odessa International Airport, Ukraine, to “Makedonia” International Airport Thessaloniki Hellas.

Aerosweet Airlines flight AEW241
Aerosweet Airlines flight AEW241

The flight was approaching by VOR/ILS procedure, for landing on runway 16.

Executing the missed approach procedure, due to having not the runway in sight, following a path of significant deviation from the anticipated one, crashed onto mountainous terrain of Katerini with result the death of all occupants and the total loss of the aircraft.

The many causes of the accident were listed as follows :

  • Crew of Aerosweet Airlines flight AEW241 failing to adequately plan and execute the approach and missed approach procedure for runway 16 at Makedonia airport
  • The failure of the Aerosweet Airlines flight AEW241 crew to properly utilize the Makedonia airport radionavigational aids and aircraft radio equipment / instruments and to interpret the information that was presented
  • Flight crew which failed to declare an emergency when they lost their orientation following the missed approach, despite numerous cues alerting them for the aforementioned situation.

The Captain of Aerostat Airlines flight AEW241 failed to achieve maximum performance climb in response to the GPWS alarm signal, 30″ prior to impact

  • The lack of command presence, cockpit discipline and resource management which resulted in a disorganized, confused and ultimately disfunctional flight crew
  • The company’s inadequate oversight, over their flight operations, that allowed for and resulted in scheduling one inadequately prepared and marginally qualified flight crew and an aircraft which did not comply with national and international airworthiness regulations (it had not been issued the Type Certificate with the corresponding Amendment for the international flights), to execute a regular passenger flight with N0 1 VHF NAV receiver inoperative
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accident date: 17/12/1997
operator: Aerosweet Airlines
make: Yakovlev
model: YAK42
registration: UR-42334
msn: 4520422606
location: Pieria Mountains (Pente Pirgi),Greece
flight number: AEW241

Category: Aviation Accident


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