Mandala Airlines – Boeing – B737-200 (PK-RIL) flight MDL260

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On 1 November 2007, a Boeing Company B737-200 aircraft, registered PK-RIL, operated by Mandala Airlines flight MDL260 , was on a scheduled passenger flight from Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Jakarta, to Abdurrachman Saleh Airport, Malang, East Java.

The pilot in command (PIC) was the handling pilot, and the copilot was the support/monitoring pilot. There were 94 persons on board the aircraft, consisting of two pilots, three cabin crew, and 89 passengers.

Mandala Airlines flight MDL260 - Boeing - B737-200 (PK-RIL)

Mandala Airlines flight MDL260 – Boeing – B737-200 (PK-RIL)

Mandala Airlines flight MDL260 landed at Malang at 1324 Western Indonesian Standard Time (06:24 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)2). It was reported to have been raining heavily when the aircraft landed on runway 35 at Malang.

The aircraft bounced twice after the initial severe hard landing, and the lower drag strut of the nose landing gear fractured, resulting in the rearwards collapse of the nose landing gear and separation of the lower nose landing gear shock strut and wheel assembly. The aircraft’s nose then contacted the runway, and the aircraft came to rest 290 metres before the departure end of runway 17.

The crew of Mandala Airlines flight MDL260 subsequently reported that during the visual segment of the landing approach, they realized that the aircraft was too high with reference to the precision approach path indicator (PAPI) for runway 35.

The PIC increased the aircraft’s rate of descent (ROD) to capture the PAPI. The high ROD was not arrested, and as a consequence, the severe hard landing occurred which substantially damaged the aircraft. No one of the passengers or crew was injured.

Neither pilot of Mandala Airlines flight MDL260 responded appropriately to the ground proximity warning system voice aural ‘SINK RATE’ or ‘PULL UP’ warnings that sounded during the final approach to Malang.

The investigation concluded that:

  • the flight crew did not appear to have an awareness that the aircraft was above the desired approach path to runway 35 at Malang until they sighted the visual approach slope indication lighting system; and
  • Non-adherence by the flight crew to stabilized approach procedures, which resulted in the initial severe hard landing at Malang, together with the omission of a high bounced landing recovery, resulted in substantial damage to the aircraft.


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Mandala Airlines – Boeing – B737-200 (PK-RIL) flight MDL260

Event date: 20071101
Airline / Operator:MANDALA AIRLINES
Model: B737-200
Registration: PK-RIL
msn: 22137
Location: Abdurrachman Saleh Airport, Indonesia

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