SI FLY – ATR42 (F-OHFV) flight KSV 3275

SI FLY flight KSV3275 , an ATR 42-300 registered F-OHFV crashed on 12 November 1999 at 8 h 11and was operated by the Italian airline Si Fly and chartered by the World Food Program, took off from Rome to undertake Flight KSV 3275 to Pristina with three crew members and...

TAROM – AIRBUS – A310 (YR-LCA) flight no. ROT381

The Romanian Tarom Airbus A 310 YR-LCA, coming from Bucharest as scheduled flight ROT 381, estimated its arrival time at Paris Orly at 10 h 40. The Orly ATIS indicated that runway 26 was in service and visibility announced was ten kilometers with scattered cloud at...


The LOGANAIR flight G-BNMT accident was notified to the Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) at 1744 hrs on 27 February 2001 by Air Traffic Control, Edinburgh Airport. The investigation was conducted by: Mr D King (Investigator-in-Charge), Miss G M Dean...


On November 27th 1987 at 14:23, SOUTH AFRICAN AIRWAYS flight SA295, a Boeing 747-244B Combi of South African Airways, departed from Taipei's Chiang Kai Shek Airport for Mauritius' Plaisance Airport with 159 persons on board. In the main deck cargo hold 6 pallets of...
Emirates flight EK521

Emirates Boeing B777-300 (A6-EMW) flight EK521

Emirates flight EK521 crashed on 3 August 2016 while operating a scheduled passenger flight UAE521, departed Trivandrum International Airport India, at 0506 UTC for a 3 hour 30 minute flight to Dubai International Airport (OMDB), the United Arab Emirates, with 282...
Mahan Air flight IRM1095

Mahan Air – Boeing B747-300 (EP-MNE) flight IRM1095

On 15 Oct 2015, a Boeing 747-300, registered EP-MNE was operating Mahan Air flight IRM1095 from Mehrabad International Airport to Bandar Abbas airport within IR of IRAN territory. Mahan Air flight IRM1095 was carrying 19 flight crew and 422 passengers. The aircraft...
Farnair flight FAT6932

Farnair – ATR42-320 (HB-AFC) flight FAT6932

When they were on final approach on ILS 23 at Geneva airport, the crew of ATR 42-320 on cargo Farnair flight FAT6932 declared an emergency situation to air traffic control (ATC) because of a fire in the cockpit. Despite this situation the aircraft was able to land...
Air France flight AF125

AIR FRANCE – AIRBUS A300 (F-BVGK) flight AF125

On Wednesday, 17 March 1982 with a slight delay from schedule, the Airbus A300 registrated F.BVGK providing commercial flight Air France flight AF125 from Sana'a to Cairo (Paris being its final destination) initiated its take-off roll at 05.10 a.m. U.T. (08.10 local...

What is Aviation Accidents Database ?
Aviation safety is the key point to download official reports and investigations of incidents and accidents.

Many times it’s not easy to find the official reports online: either because the State Agency investigating the occurrence have no website, or the report is not published or it’s an old report not made in digital format.

We continuously search for reports, classify them, write the excerpt and make them available to all pilots worldwide: for the sake of aviation safety.

As simple as that.

Aviation accidents

An aviation accident is an incident in which an aircraft is damaged or destroyed as a result of a collision, fire, structural failure, or other event. Aviation accidents can be caused by a variety of factors, including mechanical failure, pilot error, adverse weather conditions, and sabotage. Aviation accidents can result in fatalities, injuries, and damage to property. 

Aviation incidents

An aviation incident is an occurrence, other than an accident, that affects or could affect the safety of aircraft operations. Examples of aviation incidents include near collisions, runway incursions, and unruly passenger incidents.

Aviation serious incidents

A serious incident in aviation refers to an event that could have resulted in an accident or that had the potential to cause serious injury or death. Some examples of serious incidents in aviation include engine failure, in-flight fires, and loss of control of the aircraft.

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